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some new facebook fad where someone will put on their wall starting with that awkward moment and often times following it with something thats not awkward at all
fb status: that awkward moment when you miss the plane to go to Ireland

comment: thats not awkward that just sucks
by weathrguy September 15, 2011
These specific pairing of words usually means a stupid, random story is about to be told that frankly myself and 97% of the worlds population doesn't give a shit about. So stop saying it... Please.
Thing #1: OMG leik that awkward moment this and that awkward that!! Leik everything's $o awkward!!!

Dr. Seuss: Please. Shut up.

Thing #1: WoW!! That awkward moment when this guys being a complete douche!!

Dr. Seuss: There's nothing awkward about me wanting to beat the shit out you.

Thing #1: ...
by BackDoorz August 11, 2013