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Although the term originated in gyms, it has spread to include any man who personifies the 'average ideal' in a particular environment or communitee without pushing any physical norms. The guy a person will notice upon immediately entering an enviornment for a positive reason and average men will look up to, whilst people who have gone beyond him will be laughing at him behind his back, although really slightly envious of him.

ie. 6'2 will make a man stand out heightwise, and although dwarfed by somebody say 6'6, he still will be the one who fits the 'average' ideal.
On a first visit to LA Fitness:'Wow, Jack who's that guy over there lifting that weight, but doesn't look as if he is roided or self-obsessed?'

Jack: 'Oh he's that 6'2 guy'
by crypticUK August 19, 2009
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