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A day where fat people can eat even more than they usually do and not feel bad, then use the leftover gravy while having sex. May also use a turkey leg in a similar manner as chicken winging
On thanksgiving, tina always makes two turkeys for her fat husband and herself. She also makes extra gravy so dale can fuck her while licking the gravy off of her nipples.
by ADHD93 April 27, 2010
12 29
thanksgiving = an excuse for americans to stuff their faces at least ONE day of the year and for it be to OK
dude im so hungry i wanna thanksgiving myself ^_^
by credit goes to someone else November 25, 2005
38 55
A time where my sad family actully tries to actully act like a family because there's actully food around.
i had a cuncossion on thanksgiving
by jessie November 26, 2003
33 50
3 words:
Turkey and pie.
I'm an american and I like getting fat by eating turkey and pie.
by iono November 25, 2004
45 63
a holliday, where us Americans stuff food, with more food. very glutfull.
Thanksgiving is yummy :)
by lonestarr December 11, 2003
13 31
A day in which beer, football and turkey are celebrated and/or devoured.

Many times, drunk people will give thanks for the success of their team.

This word may have had a different meaning before modern times.
no example
by Cameron December 01, 2003
17 36
An american holiday, mainly just an excuse to eat a whole lot.
Don't be fooled; "I love Thanksgiving" really means "Damn thats good turkey!
by Zach G. November 28, 2003
10 35