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generic phrase used by myspace users to shamelessly promote their page/link on other "friends" pages.
Thanks for the add! check out my webcam.
by Dr. Slappy McGee III Esq. March 06, 2006

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A common phrase seen on myspace profiles signifying that the person with this comment has recently tried to "ADD to Friends" someone and they accepted. Also, a polite way of saying "I don't know you or anything about you, but hey, thanks for taking an interest in me..."
%WoRlD Of sORrOwS% would like to be added to your friends.
Accept Deny
--clicks accept--
--goes to profile of %WoRlD Of sORrOwS%--
--clicks Add Comment--
--Types "Thanks for the add!"--
by xalcoholx March 17, 2006