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Though it means the same as the conventional "Thank you". ThanQ is the superficial version said by plastic fantastic's and Paris Hilton Wannabes alike. Pronounced thann-cue.
Mc donalds supervisor: "Paris you did excellent work as an intern on todays lame episode of the Simple idiots"..
Paris: ThanQ
by Rich_star September 01, 2008
10 8
Thank you
ThanQ for that tasty slice of cherry pie and hot cup of joe.
by Oyster Boy September 11, 2008
13 2
an example of texting lingo meaning "thank-you"
So please get back with me asap. ThanQ.
by AS328 February 16, 2010
6 0
Like thank you but shorter and more professional.
Than-Q for the support.
by Mister Q August 11, 2008
0 7