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diarrhea from eating Thai food that is too spicy, usually causing a burning, extremely sore asshole.
That restaurant gave me the worst thaiarrhea
by TheSpiceKillsMe June 16, 2008
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A seismic case of diarrhea that ensues after eating Thai food. It often arrives without warning and takes no prisoners. A friend-breaker.
My romantic dinner date last night was great... until I was overcome with a lethal case of thaiarrhea while driving home.
by patrickinbigd February 12, 2011
The multiple day case of diarrhea one gets after eating Thai food.
I ate at that Thai Restaurant and haven't left the bathroom thanks to the Thaiarrhea I got
by Regis6900 June 05, 2010
The intense, spicy, and utterly painful diarrhea one gets after consuming mass quantities of Thai food.
I'm surprised that the toilet was still solid after John's massive deposit of burning, lava-like thai-arrhea last Wednesday.

My asshole was completely singed after some awful thai-arrhea yesterday.
by Loudly January 29, 2010
Diarrhea caused by eating Thai food.
Dude, I can't take her there.. I'll end up with thaiarrhea!
by NBowman November 23, 2012
The liquid that comes out of your anus the day after eating low quality Thai food
I was at the gym until the thaiarrhea hit me, I should not have had that second spicy tuna roll.
by CrashAddict May 23, 2010
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