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Common misspelling by touchpad phones such as the iPhone of the word "the," never corrected by the iPhone -- proof positive that there is nothing as stupid as a smartphone.
Texting Boy: "Why do we have to fight all tge time?"

Texting Girl: "Tge?"

Texting Boy: "Oh you bloody phone, 'tge' is not a word!"
#iphone #apple #texting #smartphone #dumbphone #misspelling #the
by majestic-cheese December 04, 2009
abbreviation for 'truly gay environment.' A city, town or other general area where any and all sexual preferences are celebrated and encouraged, though not necessarily gay. For example, a person who spends enough time in a TGE such as the Castro District of San Francisco or Greenwich Village in New York will have a fuller opportunity to explore and understand his or her true sexual orientation than someone who lives in an environment where heterosexuality is the one preferred norm.
While San Francisco is thought of as being an ultimate TGE, as recent as the late 1970s it was a struggle for the city to elect its first gay mayor.
#gay #sexual orientation #truly gay environment #sexual preferences #sexuality
by D.S. Credito March 16, 2015
ThanksGiving Eve

One of the biggest party nights of the year as college students return home and show what they've truly learned while away.
Whats the plan for TGE?

Where are we pregaming for TGE?

Are you dtp for TGE?
#tge! #tge #tge?! #teg #tge?
by Goin' YOLO November 22, 2011
True Girlfriend Experience
That bitch gave me a TGE, unlike that other hoe.
#ge #escort #bare back #sex #fiv
by Bobbbbb November 05, 2007
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