Words that are related in their combination of button strokes, usually on a phone's number-pad and with T-9 or similar methods.
For example the number combination 4663 yields: home, gone, and good. Or 63 yields: of and me, these words would be textonyms of each other.
by Lummpy pillow May 17, 2010
Top Definition
A textonym is a word which becomes ambiguous when using predictive text due to having the same button combination as other unrelated words. They often make a text confusing or incomprehensible.
Particularly prominent in drunk texting.

He = If
Me = Of
Book = Cool
Soon = Room
'Textonyms are so annoying, my drunken text makes no sense'
by MySpaceFTL November 05, 2007
When using predictive text to write an SMS, sometimes an unexpected word of similar / humorous meaning may pop up.

Pint / shot / riot

Kiss / lips

Shag / rich

Sips / piss

Cock / anal

Dual / fuck
Oh no! I meant to send my boyfriend a text saying I wanted to suck his cock tonight.

Don't worry, it's just a textonym. Besides, I heard he's into that sort of thing.
by jwgrooves June 27, 2011
Two or more words that are spelled using the same series of keys in a text message.

"Me" and "of" are both entered using 6-3.

Also "good", "home", "gone", "hood", "hoof", and "goof" are textonyms.
My boyfriend was concerned when I texted him that I was nearly good. I explained that it was a textonym and I meant to say I was nearly home.
by AuntieBelle March 14, 2009
In text or SMS messaging, a textonym is a word that is typed using the same sequence of keys on a phone's numeric keypad as another word.
Cow is a textonym of boy and any (typed using 2 6 and 9 on a phone).
by waltzing August 12, 2008
When texting the same numbers comes up with multiple words.
THe most anonying textonym is "go" and "in."
by JR1127 July 26, 2009
Variant/Incorrect spelling of txtonym.
How do you spell txtonym????

I think it's t-e-x-t-o-n-y-m textonym...
by nigel coldwell August 02, 2005
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