Only the best sex ever. Send texts of what you wish you were doing to the other person but know you never will. Get texts back of what they are pretending to do to you but you will really only ever do it to your self. Text sex - the worlds new way of pretending to have sex.
I have a big imagination thats why i have text sex.
#cell one #spring #att #cingular #verizon text sex is better then all you bitches so fuck off
by Matt111 January 05, 2008
Top Definition
text messegeing everything you are going to do to a certain lover while pleasuring yourself..... on the other end that certain lover is pleasuring theirself as well...
wow...i am not allowed to tell but i had hott text sex with mark the other day
#phone sex #orgasim #sex #cyber sex #horny
by loverslane December 27, 2005
When one uses a cell phone's text messages feature to engage in sexually arrousing discussion in a similar fashion to phone sex or cyber sex. This is most commonly employed for propinquitous-challenged individuals.
It's ashame that that fox lives so far away... I wish I could have him right now! I suppose text sex will have to do.
#text #sex #phone sex #cyber sex #cell phone #text message #textsex
by The Macstablishment February 15, 2007
Using your cell phone as a devise to send sexy messages to your lover(s).
Jen: Did you see Gregory last night?

Denise: No, but we had text sex for hours.
#texting #cell phone #sex #lover #message
by A Wilted Rose December 05, 2008
1. Sexually-themed communications through text messaging.

2. Communicating sexually to another person through a cell phone or Blackberry via SMS or MMS text-messaging protocols.
Guy A: So, did you ever meet that chick from OkCupid?
Guy B: No, she was in middle school so we just had textsex.
Guy A: Smooth moves, brotha. The cops won't be knocking at your door.
(Guys high-five.)


Examples of textsex-ing:

Chick: howz work? wanna play l8r?
Dude: gawd, my ballz ache for ur mouth
Chick: only if u slip me teh shocker baby!


Dude: ive got a major boner. r u wet?
Chick: im on my period
Dude: my boner went away


Chick 1: i gotta new drilldo 2day for us
Chick 2: im creaming my hairy puss now
#text sex #text messaging #sex #text message #cybersex #phone sex #skype sex
by Mr. Filbert October 24, 2007
Similar to phone sex, except it's the act in which two people text message each other simultaneously to the point of feeling strong, erotic emotions.
Man, jaclyn was texting that guy for so long last night, I bet she was having text sex!
#text fucking #phone sex #sex #text message #texting
by festermajoo January 16, 2008
Describing sexual acts through a text message between two cellular devices
" Text Sex on my Samsung!" -The Midnight Beasts
#text #sex #samsung #midnight #beast
by kaytmackande March 16, 2010
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