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An invitation for text messaging over the Internet. A phrase that is sometimes found on more modern conversation hearts.
"Hey, text me sometime," said Joe as he passed Sally in the hallway.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
When you want someone to text you on your cell phone a "Txt Msg" (Text Message)
Hey John text me with the football game scores..
by David May 14, 2004
to send a text message to a mobile fone
text me a msg bout if u can come tonite!
by rana May 15, 2004
it means either to send you a message online or thought the cellphone.
"text me tonite!"
by XBD May 15, 2004
Comes from the UK fad of sending SMS messages via a mobile (cell) phone.
Text me when you leave work and I'll meet you.
by Andrew Taylor May 15, 2004