Top Definition
1. used by men

2. use when you have a random erection at a social event (school, hanging out, etc.)

3. perform by tucking your penis inbetween your lower stomach area and the pants' waistband
dude, i totally texas tucked it today in english class.
by 45720nesdrakiR January 04, 2007
Raising your erect penis up against your lower stomach between your tummy and your pants. Hiding your massive boner from poking the eye out of your crush at school. One of many options to hide your erection.
if it wasn't for the texas tuck, no 8th grade boy could ever wear athletic shorts at school.

Dang, my teacher bent over her desk and I had sweat pants on! Thank goodness for the texas tuck.
by ObviousDailyLingo May 08, 2016
To bend downs as if to suck your own cock while skiing with your ski poles placed tightly under you arm pits.
-look at that Texas tucking fruit-booter in his one piece fag bag
by nnasty2011 December 28, 2011
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