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Doing your lady doggy-style and just before you finish, you yell out her sister's name or your ex's name and see how long you can hold on for. 7 seconds is a good ride.
Her carpet will never recover from the last time we played Texas Rodeo, although my mechanical bull riding skills have improved dramatically.
by Biggity January 30, 2004
When doing a girl doggy style, the guy leans forward and whispers in the girl's ear... "I have AIDS", he then grabs her hair, or any available body part with one hand and tries to hold on for as long as possible. "Rider" must last for a full 8 seconds before being tossed off
When Johnny was fucking Tina, he attempted to pull the Texas Rodeo, by telling her that he had AIDS and grabbed onto her hair. He only lasted for 5 seconds though
by Stan Dup November 22, 2007
You start this by having at least a half-dozen friends hide in the room while having sex with a girl. Then have all of them come out and chant, "Rodeo! Rodeo!" See how long you can stay on.
I had the ride of my life at the Texas Rodeo last nite!
by D_LEFT89 June 07, 2009
When you are doing a girl doggy style and have ur friend hide in the closet with a video camera. When you call him/her out of the closet you hang onto the girls tits and see how long you can hang on for.
I exampled it in Definition and background.
by Lee January 20, 2005
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