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1. A sudden increase in the pitch of ones voice during speech, usually for the duration of one syllable only. Similar to the process a teenage boy undergoes during puberty but far more sporadic and therefore more humorous for onlookers. Incidence is increased during periods of excitement and is also seen to be directly proportionate to the number of people listening.
2. May also be used literally by the stupid and uneducated to describe a sudden increase in testicular size such as that associated with conditions like elephantitis.
1. "Hey guys, what's happENing?"
2. Doctor: "Well Sir, what seems to be the problem?"
Patient: " you can see, I'm experiencing testie blowout."
by Sam June 18, 2004
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The distinctive crack in a boy/man's voice when talking. Usually during the period while the voice is breaking.
by monk November 06, 2003
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what happens when you see an incredibly fine individual and you haven't experienced a release of semen for a while
I was sitting there on the bus when this super-hottie got on and i was like "aaaaah, what a Testie-Blowout she is...."
by kymcleod November 08, 2003
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