A child born in a lab, it has no parents, so therefore can never be loved. They have no belly buttons, because they are never in the whom. if a testtube baby leaves the atmosphere it becomes an alien.
Your zombiecat just ate my testtube baby
by Bleiler's mom April 09, 2007
Top Definition
A child born to In-Vitro fertilisation, see IVF, who was concieved in a test tube a few hours before being put into the mother.
Louise Brown was the worlds' first test tube baby in 1978.
by Gumba Gumba May 27, 2004
A test tube baby was conceived by artificial means, by introducing the sperm and egg to each other outside the body. The zygote is then implanted into the future mother's womb.

Test tube babies are NOT born in test tubes. Not yet, anyway.
Jill had a very hard time getting pregnant, so she decided to try having a test tube baby.
by Athene Airheart March 21, 2004
A person who is the ultimate dumb. So dumb, that he/she could have been born in a test tube.
Your brother acts like he's freaking retarded.

Yea. He's a test tube baby.
by Kevin ma April 20, 2006
1. A child conceived via artificial insemination using a test tube. 2. Any such person who as an adult makes consistently poor decisions or otherwise acts foolishly. 3 A complete fuckin' idiot.
Ryan is a test tube baby.

I jerked off in a test tube, a girl poured it in her cunt, hence 9 months later we had a test tube baby.
by OCDTTB September 22, 2010
When you fill a condom with cum, then give it to your partner and they do whatever with it.
I gave Trish a Test Tube baby.
Aren't you afraid she get pregnant?
She was thirsty at the time.
by SuperDevilDude85 August 31, 2010
A child who is born in a test tube through the mixing of the mothers egg cells and the fathers sperm cells.
Frank Mongiove is a test tube baby.
by Will Harbaugh March 19, 2004
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