tits, breasts, gazongas, hooters, boobs, funbags, etc
Damn, that girl has some sexy terts.


Show terts, plz
by Larry Flynt September 15, 2009
Top Definition
On the science fiction tv series "Alien Nation", "tert" is the derogative slang term that the Newcomer aliens (The Tenctonese) use for humans. Just as the humans call Newcomers "Slags", disaffected Tenctonese youth can be heard referring to humans as "Terts".
The Terts will never accept us Tenctonese.
by Ricimer October 21, 2005
Used as an insult to mean a tramp or retard. If somebody is stupid then they are a "tert".
You tert!
Kieran is a tert.
by makit January 13, 2004
Tert is an action of randomized, public sexual affection. When tert is only said once by a person, it is rape. But if the victim or other person replies "Tert" Back, it agrees to mutual sexual relations. But if the victim just says yes, He/She is accepting the public rape.
Joe:"TERT!" Susan: "HuhWhat?"
Joe:"TERT!!!" Susan:"TERT!"
Joe:"TERT!!" Susan:"OKAY!"
by DeadyKyoufu January 08, 2011
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