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1) A baby born on American soil to parents who will raise it to become a terrorist

2) an American-born terrorist

3) A derogatory term used to describe a baby born in the United States to immigrants since all immigrants must be terrorists
That family immigrated to America to have their terror baby and get on welfare.
by mataura November 01, 2010
A baby born on US soil to a woman intentionally brought here so that the baby will be a US Citizen, in the expectation of raising it to be a Muslim terrorist.

There are, of course, a few problems with this definition:

1. Nobody has ever shown any evidence that anybody is having such babies. (Any assertion is true of the empty set...)

2. The creators of such a baby would have to wait 12 years or so before it would be old enough to be an effective terrorist. Compare this with the effort of recruiting a terrorist from existing US citizens who are already Muslims or can be converted to Islam.
That raghead brought his wife here to have a terror baby.
by s%mebody December 30, 2011
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