TO is a huge nigger who drops passes because his hand is filled with sperm plates. TO is a black nigger who fiends for attention because his boyfriend Jeff Garcia won't fuck him up the ass anymore. Terrell Owens is a laffy taffy nigger(look up defintion).
"Was that a dropped pass? I thought so, Terrell Owens is on the sidelines licking Tony Romo's nutsack."
by Matt Lawless February 05, 2007
terrell owens is by far the most explosive playmaking wide reciever in the NFL.Par none, He knocks the shit outta Randy Moss. ON the Field he is the most valuable weapon a QB can have, even tho OFF the field he is a QB's nightmare.
He can rais a QB's passer rating in an instant and he can take your team to the superbowl. ALL OF YOU HATERS KNOW THAT IF YOU HAD A CHANCE TO HAVE HIM ON YOUR TEAM YOU WOULD TAKE HIM.
T.O. IS THE SHIT, you know it, i know it, its a universal fact. he wins games. terrell owens can make you team
by cbrobot April 19, 2006

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