Crybaby. Period. Enough said.
Actual TO quote: "I want more money. waaaaaaaaaah. You're not giving me the football enough. waahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm Terrell Owens. waaaaaaaaaaaah."
by silentmichael June 05, 2007
Top Definition
a pompous, arrogant, immature child who is a sad excuse for an NFL player. Currently, this wiesel's outcries have put him out for the rest of the 2005-2006 season. He has single handedly torn apart two NFL teams (49ers and Eagles). He always publicly humiliates his quarterback, his team, and the organization. He loves being the center of attention which is part of the reason he gets in toruble with his team a lot. He is also a complete idiot because he would have made $9M in the 06-07 season if he would have just kept his big mouth shut. T.O. is the absolute opposite of a team player and the dumb things he's done has definatly impacted the future of his career. Despite that he plays the wide receiver position exceptionally well, his off-the-field antics are not worth it.
T.O.: Hey Mr. Team President, give me more money ... cuz I'm the best
Pres: No, you're an idiot. You're not getting anything. Besides, you're not even the best receiver in the league.
T.O.: Oh well then i'll just go run my mouth of TV.
Pres: Go ahend. Nobody listens to you anyway Terrell Owens.
by M@tt November 07, 2005
Wide Receiver for the Eagles, once with the 49ers. His resume includes excessive celebration, watching Ms. Sheridan drop her towel, put the football on the star...twice, sign the football with a sharpie, mock Ray Lewis, tear down signs in Cleveland, put the ball on a different star, and usually can initiate fights from opposing players based on his action.
I think the media overdoes Terell Owens. There are better wideouts than him.
An NFL player who is the most well known football player even though he is a WR. He also owns the media.
Terrell Owens breathed at the wrong time and it was all over ESPN
by O Squared August 30, 2006
1. An Excuse to fill sports coverage air time.

2. A Terrell Owens is like a dancing bear. Its like the kid at recess you throw quarters at and watch him pick them all up, then blast him in the head with a quarter while hes bent over.

3. An attention whore. Terrel Owens is a prime example of the episode of Spongebob Square Pants when Spongebob Square pants keeps ripping his pants for laughs.
Terrell Owens attempted Suicide for attention.
by DrMeanDudeMD October 08, 2006
One of the best receivers in the NFL, but the Cowboys weren't strong enough to take alittle criticism and dropped him now the best team in the NFL (THE BILLS) picked him up and were going to the championship this year and win.
The Bills have T.O.????
Bills Fan - Oh hell yeah. Now i love Terrell Owens.
by One Bills Drive July 19, 2009
Trully the most controversial player in the NFL, but also happens to be the best wide receiver in the NFL. Has a long history of upsetting many players and fans. He now plays for the Dallas Cowboys after being banned from playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Terrell Owens is a cocky *** son of a ***** , but you gotta love him.
Cowboy's Fan 1: Did you see Terrell Owens score that touchdown against Philadelphia and then flap his arms like an Eagle?
Cowboy's Fan 2: Yea man that was awesome. He showed them what's up.
by Andrew Big-D November 05, 2007
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