Human, anything that comes from earth.
E.T.(Extraterrastrial) means outside from earth.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
Top Definition
A playable "race" in the popular computer game Starcraft.
Also known as the siege tank whores.
Terrans are known for the use of overpowered siege tanks units and underpriced missle turrets duo.
by JyL. September 12, 2005
the next step of human
what humans will be after further advancement in technology
Terrans in StarCraft are humans
by Riot November 10, 2003
The perfect man who treats and respects girls. He is an amazing guy and is an amazing lover lol. He's always their for you and knows just what to say. Terran is the perfect boyfriend.
Terran is amazing.
by youknow11 August 24, 2011
term used in the mirror universe for humans, after the Latin word "terra";
Archer: I want to know where you're holding the Terran vessel you captured!
by WitnessX June 20, 2006
bleh, i can find all my books except the starcraft ones, anyway, the jist of it is that in the distant future, most of the inhabitable places in the galaxy have been put under human control, and they know of no other intelligent species in the universe, so, the UED (united earth directorate) goes on a mission to cleanse the world of all of the criminals, causing the most widescale genocide i nthe history of the earth, killing billions, and when there were few enough left, they were imprisoned. The government, however, wanted to do a study to find other planets that could be considered inhabitable, so before all of the criminals on earth died in a cell, the scientists took apporiximately a million or something, put them on three ships, one with the most advanced comm system in the history of mankind, and launched them off asleep (you'd think they'd learn from australia that they'd find land they'd want back).

The lead ship, however, malfunctioned, and veered of course, without the advanced cpu leading them, the other two ships, completely unmanned, except for the computer on the first ship leading them, veered as well, for what was guessed to be a few hundred years, one ship landed on one planet, one on another and so on, all within the same galaxy, and the survivors found themselves on inhabitable planets (except for one where they all died, there were actually 5 or so but some died and one landed on the same planet as another). at first these people, later to be dubbed "Terrans" had no idea of the other civilizations, until they grew to space superpowers, at which time they found their brethren, rejoiced, and then the biggest colony started waring with them.

this was short lived however, because as they would soon find out, a grand plan had the Terrans and the Zerg and Protoss (failed attempts at playing god by the Xel' Naga) meeting in a grand battle to shake the stars.
"hey what do you suppose happened to those criminals we sent off and lost communication about?" Lenny- "it's a secret" Carl- "shuuutuuuuuup"

"The terrans will be a big problem for the zerg, the zerg for the protoss, and the protoss for the terran, use this strat in game"
by /\_/Tyrant\_/\ December 29, 2005
A strange girl lost a boys body. Just a confused fag as we say on earth, who occasionally has sex with the coach. He is the coaches favorite and if any one tries to hurt Terran, the coach will find you and kill you. He used to have a water bottle hickey on his upper lip that his 80 year old mother called a mustache.

But sadly it healed...
Boy: god something stinks
Boy2:oh of course there Terran
Terran: the coach said stop the negative attitude on this team
Boy: there is no negative attitude!
Terran: there is and it's hurting my feelings
by Barbra Collins November 11, 2012
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