This word is a mix between terrible and bad. Also meaning bad luck.
"Dude, you are terrabad at air hockey."
by Alec Neapolitan March 24, 2008
Top Definition
So bad that it is worse then bad.
Wow, Modest let a pug ninja defuse twice on lan and then he took out his anger on his Icemat headphones. He is terrabad.
by naisyle June 07, 2006
A mixture of 'terrible' and 'bad'. That something is terribly bad, lame, or incredibly sucks.
Faith: So, how was your date last night?

Devon: It was terrabad! I swear, I have talked to rocks more interesting!

Brody: Shit! I forgot to study for the chem test!

Devon: Oh man, terrabad.
by Awesome.Possum July 29, 2009
Being both "Terrible" and "Bad" to the Earth. Not to be confused with Terribad.
That guy just dropped a candy wrapper on the ground, he's terrabad.
by Anonymous56432 August 08, 2012
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