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Since Eddy can submit two, I can too.

Here's a definition of / FAQ about "Terra Pvlchra", as taken from Eddy's old site:

What is Terra Pvlchra?
A cool club with codes and (java)scripts, and many other neat things.

How's it pronounced and what does it mean?
Terra Pvlchra /teh-rah-puhl-kra/ means "Beautiful Land" in latin.

Why join?
Because You will get to learn codes and secrets. It's fun if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Discribe it.
It is a club with many good reasons to join.It is fun.It has a code.It has input from it's members.It's president, me,
See the rules here.Basicly it says nooooooooooooooooooooooo korn or drugs allowed. and pokemon are stronger than korn
does not like noisy music groups that swear too much and sing like frogs or murders or anything else that is bad and I won't let in Terra Pvlchra.It wants smart, drugfree people WITH OUT criminal records.
Terra Pvlchra is cool because it had short sentences. Eddy's writing looks like it's from a "Dick and Jane" book. Terra Pvlchra is fun. Terra Pvlchra is cool.
by Spacey McDracula May 28, 2004
A conworld created by Edward Ohlms of somewhere in rural Missourri. Known for being the author's personal utopia, it follows the strange, albeit original, concept of a society in the distant future composed of anarcho-communist compounds inhabited by people speaking Khoisan-like click languages.
If Eddy rants about sexism or capitalism one more time, I swear to God I'm going to skin him alive and mail his dermis to Terra Pvhlchra.
by Spacey McDracula May 28, 2004
A micronation in a story by the same name that was written by me. They use Tëlþuilgoç. They are known for not liking capitalism a whole lot.
You're more liberal than the communist party and Terra Pvlchra combined.
by Eddy August 19, 2003
Although they don't like capitalism very much, they surprised many by battlignt he Proletariat Warriors, a fanatical communist organization.
by Eddy September 05, 2003
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