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Terminal is a word which everyone mistakes for being a celebrity or worse a talkshow host
Terminal.. hey that that guy from that.. ..aint it? no way.. it cant be him..
by T-erm-anal July 25, 2003
adj. something that is incredibly cool; more than sick or ill
I had a terminal day yesterday--I got the samsung 990 and then played dalmuti at taco bell for 9 hours.
by Billas May 26, 2006
a terminal is when a male develops an erection which serves no purpose or which was not desired.

The terminal has no function, it is a random occurrence which usually results in frustration and a desire for it to cease.

The most likely place for a terminal to occur is in a public place where dealing with the terminal is impractical or frowned upon, thereby causing the sufferer to wait it out.
whilst sitting in class, John developed a terminal, and for the duration of the class had to wait it out.

"lou, ive got a terminal, i dont know what to do!"

"you are just going to wait it out, John!"
by teletoxed November 26, 2011
Adj- Describing anything that is of particular or noteworthy greatness. Traditionally used by the youth subculture. Synonym of "extremely awesome." Derived from the slang words "Sick" and "Ill;" it is the next step in the progression in greatness (Sick-Ill-Terminal)
"Dude! That show was off the hook! It was terminal!"
"Did you see that backflip? That was so terminal!"
by Krazfyl January 13, 2007
1.) n. One of the greatest bands ever to arise from Mansfield, Texas. They're under the similar genres of Indie, Rock, & Alternative. The band consists of 5 members. Most of them are considered scene kids.

2.) adj. Of, at, relating to, or forming a limit, boundary, extremity, or end.

3.) adj. Causing, ending in, or approaching death; fatal.

4.) n. A town at the end of a transportation line.
1.) Did you get the new Terminal album, "How The Lonely Keep"? It's the fuckin' shit.

2.) You're almost at the terminal of the level.

3.) My dear, I believe you have Terminal Cancer & there is nothing we can do to save you. We've done the best we could. I'm sorry.

4.) Girl: After we get off the train, we'll hit the terminal. My boyfriend said there's a nice lodge there with a great view.
Boy: You're a great view. ;]
by RomanticTragedy July 27, 2005
MSTSC (Microsoft terminal server client)

When someones runs on port 3389, you can just create an account on his box and have fun wiht a nice graphical interface !
I'm scanning WEBdav and IPC trough that kickass terminal server I got 2 months ago.. stable as shit and fast as hell... the sysop is a real fool !
by Bloodcock May 22, 2003
To be fully and compulsively ass-like.
You Terminal Wally!
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 17, 2003