Teresa: awesome funny ladys who love chicken (chick-gon) and chameleons. They are normally good looking, hispanic, with dark hair and pretty eyes. You can normally find a Teresa at a fun party, where ever there is a fountain that doesn't run on water, or in an apartment living with her awesome best friend/friends in style. If you find a Teresa hold on tight cause your in for an Epic ride
Hey I met this girl over there by the chocolate fountain
Wait whats her name

Dibs ( takes off running)
by The Chameleon lover July 13, 2011
A very caring person who tends to put on a tough persona due to so much hurt. A teresa is someone who will love you until the end of time no matter what you've done to her. Teresa's can be very dramatic , intelligent , outgoing , risky , funny , and bitchy(at times) but are worth having around.
Guy : " I think I love Teresa "

Friend : " she is a great person "
by wishfulmop March 27, 2015
International unit of human beauty (Ter); defined s.t.:
1. 60% of the population register below 0.4 Teresa.

2. Only one woman registers a 1.0, She-Who-Need-Not-Be-Named.

3. A quantity greater than 1.0 Teresa can not be attributed to a single person.
Outstanding Gent 1: “Who is that hot bitch over yonder, friend?”
Outstanding Gent 2: “Good eye, gent. That hot bitch must be edging on 0.8 Teresa; a rare find.”

Outstanding Gent 1: “What is that lump of shit in the corner, friend?”
Outstanding Gent 2: “Would not bang with a koala’s dick. I'd say no more than 1e-17 Ter., there.”
by yoc January 15, 2015
when a person is holding a blunt, joint, pipe or a bowl for too long begins to tell a short story. the people in the circle then scream out "teresa" to tell the person they are taking too long.
stoner 1: (passes the joint)
stoner 2: (reaches out for joint) back in my day... (puff) back to my story... (puff)...

stoner 2 takes more than five minutes holding the joint because he's so into his story.

stoner 1: TERESA!!!
by sof-tron June 17, 2011
A chubby tree bunny. Also known as Treesuh or Twesa. She's a purple tree bunny who loves chocolate. But she is also a canadian AND asian purple tree bunny who loves chocolate. She is ALWAYS hungry. Teresa wants to go on a diet & Hates her parents.
DJ: Hi Teresa.

Teresa: Hi DJ, Do you have some chocolate I can eat ? I'm HUNGRY!
by TwesaTreeIsABunnieee August 18, 2009
Teresa is a form of the female human species (however she hast the biggest penis ever).Though he/she looks hella white, he/she is actually black. I'm not kidding. When encountering such a creature, you will discover he/she:
-wants to have babies with Joe Jonas.
-wants me to watch Sweeney Todd.
-uses the word "noob" when she is actually the noob.
-is a noob.
-is good at Guitar Hero but phails at things such as Super Smash Brother Brawl (which I pwn her with Pikachu).
-is TOO SLOWinsert Sonic lawl face here
-is meh sex buddy.
-is writing a definition on Urban Dictionary as we speak.
-Micheal Phelps is indeed a fish.
-lives with Jack in Halloween Town.
-uses the word babycakes too much.

This applies to ALL Teresa's,except the ones that live outside of a box.
Joe-Hey Teresa, wanna have buttsecks?
Teresa-Hell yeah!opens pants
Joe-Dear LAWD.

have babies in Mexico
by Tati fucking rocks your face. August 26, 2008
one sexy mother fuckerr
who likes tossing samantha's salad everyday.
Damnn you see that teresaa, yea i heard her and samantha love eachothers assholesss
by I love teresa July 20, 2006
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