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bulge a bulging of the crotch in males where the dick clearly shows from the result of an erection
Look, he has a large tent in his shorts!
by mE November 24, 2003
a place for people to have sex
good fun and also differs from the usual places eg at a house , bed or sofa
by thats a secret June 16, 2003
"Tenting" or using a "tent" refers to the vieo game item "tent" which allows you to replenish all of your energy. In real life context, tenting is taking a break from any taxing activity.
Mall shopper A: Gosh, I'm tired. We've been walking a lot.
Mall Shopper B: Well, lets tent. We can sit on the couches then head to the food court.
by Lindsey D May 10, 2007
the tent is jail or prison
he got busted for traffiking, damn dat nigga goin to da tent
by NIGGIE September 27, 2006
when an uncut guy stretches out his foreskin, it creates a tentlike space.
Check out my tent (while stretching it).
by 4sqin January 05, 2004
some1 who u just met, for the first time that day, and u catch him pitchin a tent, and sometimes is a complete lying bastard who will say 1 thing, then completely go behind ur back and do it.
yo man hows i.t..... dude... wtf, do i turn u on? tent?
by belmont1188187746666566786765 March 27, 2010

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