A sport played with a hand from each of 2 people. The 2 people take turns slapping each others hand. There are many variations to this.
We played tennis with a rubberband while waiting in line.
by Zach 19 February 28, 2008
verb. To tennis something is to hit it with a tennis racket repeatedly
Dude, some guy was hitting on my girlfriend at this bar, so i went out and tennised his truck, then he came out and started talking smack, so i tennised him. Now im in prison
by hoboamp September 19, 2006
slang for sneakers, athletic shoes (widely used in Baltimore)
#1: I'm going to wear my tennis to the club.

by Simone Johnson October 24, 2005
A sport in which the players use their racquets to hit a ball over a net to score a point against the other player. Everyone knows the racquet to use when playing tennis is a Prince. Not Head.
I played tennis with my Prince racquet and won 6-0 6-0 6-0 6-0 6-0. Head racquets aren't good.
by Justin June 17, 2004
Sexual intercourse, which is usually used based on how well the sex was executed.
After spending the night with Ricky, Sarah found that he was really good at tennis!
by Requiem2005 June 28, 2004
This is basically just ping-pong
and the players are standing on the table.
"What is the deal with tennis? I mean, its just ping-pong, except the players stand on the table! These people must be stopped!"
by andersonland.org June 30, 2004
One of the most pussyest sports (i dont think this should qualify as a sport) ever. Men should aviod this game.
Only pussy men that cant get laid play this so called sports.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
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