the life-sized version of Pong
come on, ball, court, Tennis and Pong aere exactly alike!
by your best idiot April 08, 2010
tennis is oral given to one of your friends planned out over a various amount of time. Tennis usually involves two people but could have more. Tennis is played with a Buddie or Buddy. before playing tennis some will send pictures of each other to one another.
Hey Buddy want to go play Tennis.

We played tennis all night yesterday.

by TennisBuddy April 29, 2009
a sport in which you let out all your sexual tension through the art of grunting
while your with your girlfriend who doesnt wanna do it: lets go play tennis!
by tennisman2 December 17, 2008
A sport and the act of giving oral sex to a partner usually called a Tennis buddy. Playing tennis is usually kept a secret and is planned out. Tennis can involve 2 or more people.
Hey want to go play Tennis.

I heard that Stina was playing Tennis with dylan.

Hey Tennis buddy lets go play.

that was a great game of tennis.
by TennisBuddy April 30, 2009
A Game often played by middle school boys. where they hold hands and slap each other's hand the winner is the guy who either doesn't say ow or who's hand is the least reddest
Brandon: wanna play tennis?
Ben: Sure!
*slaps one anothers hand*
Ben: ow!!!!
Brandon: Hahaha i won :)
by *...........* :) :) June 24, 2009
The sport in which nobody can beat Sasha Yodashkin.
Sasha Yodashkin is the best tennis player in the world.
by yodaa January 27, 2009
A sport played with a hand from each of 2 people. The 2 people take turns slapping each others hand. There are many variations to this.
We played tennis with a rubberband while waiting in line.
by Zach 19 February 28, 2008

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