The best sport ever! Where you hit a ball over a net and try to beat your opponent. There are many different strokes. For example, groundstrokes, vollies, overheads, serves, approach shots, etc. Grab a tennis racket, a tennis court, and a few tennis balls and you're ready to play tennis!
Tennis is so much fun! I could play it all day!
by Tennislover108 April 21, 2011
A racket sport that can sometimes take hours to play, so it is therefore very tiring. Some dunce male football(soccer) players call male tennis players 'poofters', implying that they are gay, but football is played with lots of boys running around with no shirt on. Famous tennis players include Roger Federer, Nadal, and Andy Murray and Andy Roddick.
Football(soccer) player: Hey, poofter, why are you playing tennis?
Tennis player: You can hardly call me a poofter, at least I don't run around with lots of boys with no shirt on!
Football(soccer) player: ...
by Bobchin April 20, 2011
A game with a racket and a ball. Requires lots of physical work and reflexs. Johns if the world are usually particularly quite good at the sport.
Wow John can really play tennis.
by Tennis pro August 29, 2013
Tennis (sexual use): A term for casual sex between friends, used in Friends With Benefits. Implied to have no emotions attached, to just be simply and easy, like tennis. You go, you do the deed, you walk away.
Dylan: "Hey Jamie, let's play tennis."
by BrittBrittBritt August 29, 2014
Butt Stuff.
Guy 1: "Hey man, you wanna play tennis today?"
Guy 2: "Naw man, I'm still too sore from playing tennis yesterday."
by Grover Cleveland69696969 March 09, 2014
Tennis ball (not the urban definition tennis ball). Young teenagers would carry around or have quick access to a tennis ball in order to play one of many urban wall ball games. This was ever more popular before the home videogame console craze when kids went outside more often.
"Go get your tenni so we can play stepball."
"Johnny roofed my tenni."
by Chewy April 01, 2005
A code name for marijuana. Used around non "tennis players". Terms used along with "playing tennis"

Playing Tennis: the actual act of smoking
Tennis Balls: marijuana
Tennis Coach: dealer
Tennis Racket: smoking device
Tennis Court: where you're going to smoke
Swing: taking a hit
Phil: Hey tony, wanna go play some tennis?
Tony: Yeah, have any balls?
Phil: Yeah, I just got some. I'll meet you at the court in like 30 mins.
by wimbledonchamp September 20, 2009

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