One of the greatest sports you will ever find. Lots of people think that tennis is a "pussy" sport. Well listen to this. How many "pussys" do you think can play 3-5 hours with only 5 min. breaks after every two games (When even the games can go quite long themselves)
I play tennis; I am not a pussy.
by Alan D. C October 24, 2007
Great sport which involves wimbledon,us open, french open and australian open. The sport is full of great history.Tim henman plays this sport and he will never win wimbledon.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Awesome sport enjoyed internationally. It involves two or four players with rackets, power, technique, endurance, reflex, speed, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, balance, strategy, and skill. Most people think tennis is lame, because they can't play for crap or afford their own rackets. Also because it doesn't involve sweaty men rubbing against each other or slapping each others' butts.
Interviewer: do u liek hard courts or grass courts?

Tennis guy: gee, iunno. i never smoked hard courts b4.
by Booberella February 28, 2008
One of the most athletically demanding sports in the world. People mistake this sport as a "pussy" sport for these reasons

1.)They can't play it
2.)Does not involve tackling.
3.)Doesn't involve dunks.
4.)ESPN shows (sportscenter..etc..) do not talk about
"The sport of tennis is the hardest sport to play, but a lot of people dont think so."
by Joshua Wood January 22, 2008
A game that is better than everything else. Unlike baseball where you can sit for most of the time, tennis players actually do something and don't sit there like fatties. It requires strength, speed, agility, and mental toughness. Also, we can yell at officials all we want, just ask John Macenroe.
Bill: I play baketball and baseball!
Aemilius Lepidus: I play tennis!
Bill: Oh, so youre better than me in everything, including life.
Aemilius Lepidus: Yup!
by straightballer12345 November 26, 2010
n. A sport that involves either one on one matches or tag-teaming for a 2 on 2 match. Requires massive amounts of eye-hand coordination and stamina because unless you're playing doubles, you are on your own running around a court for several hours after balls that fly as a fast as a paintball. Tennis is considered a "gentleman's" sport, so gloating, taunting or showing signs of frustration is often looked down upon. To add to the "gentleman" aspect of the game, spectators are to keep quiet and watch respectfully at all times, though brief clapping is acceptable. Basically, next to golf, tennis is the quietest sport in the world.
"Dude, I went to watch my friend play this tennis match the other day, but I wasn't even allowed to cheer or yell! It was pretty boring... but those tennis chicks are really hot."
by superdawge October 09, 2009
the worlds hardest sport, famous for having the most attractive athletes. tennis isi one of the most entertaining things in the world, for a reason that no one can really figure out. its just fun.
tennis is the greatest sport in the world.
by to5794 January 11, 2011

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