Just jelow the best Southern state Kentucky!
Kentucky is the best Southern state, not Tennessee.
by John Dean November 02, 2005
a hick state in the south; its 2 largest citys are known for their music- memphis is an old river city and is a haven for good blues and rock, while nashville is a piece of crap in the center with country; knoxville and anything east of there is hick central
if you have to live in tennessee, make sure its in memphis, so you can hear the blues and cheer on the grizzlies
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
A miserable hell on Earth. Considering that mostly everyone who looks up this definition is from Tennessee, it's sure to get a lot of thumbs-down, but it's the truth. Anyway, Tennessee sucks major ass. It's polluted, since no one ever cleans here. It's also full of ticks and other parasites, and there's nothing to do except play with guns, watch football, and eat chicken-fried steak with a side of lard. The eastern part is the worst.
Don't go to Tennessee. Seriously. You can find a better state. There's Alabama. Or Alaska. Or New Mexico. There is absolutely no reason why anyone would ever want to go to Tennessee, unless of course you're an idiot. If you are, then come on down, hyuk hyuk! We done be havin' whisky an' possum pie!
by Ralph March 19, 2005
Don't get me wrong, Tennessee is alright... if you like fat people. I think that Tennessee has to be one of the fattest states in America. Mc Donalds is considered the only foods for many Tennesseans (no, I don't like Mc Donalds). Also, if you have something against overweight rednecks with a southern twang, I think some red flags would go up about this place. Oh, and NEVER talk negatively about them VOLS. If you say something bad about the Tennessee Vols in public, there's a 96% chance you'll get the poop beaten out of you. For future references, if you're planning on a vacation to a southern place, go to south america :/. Seriously.
Tennessee smells like poop on rocks.
by FunkMasterMike April 29, 2005
By far one of the worst states, most of the population does not know how to speak correct grammar, many people live in poverty or are surviving off of government funds, many companies are moving out of the state and/or country and a large percent of the population is without work and most of the schools have some sort of problem, from over crowding to the academics failing.
im frum tennersea an i talk and spel liek dis.
(trust me I live in this sad state and it is like this.)
by Untitled Interpol November 07, 2004
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