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A horrible place in the south that noone deserves to live in. Half of it is full of overly religious inbred hicks and then the other half is full of cows and corn. The only good thing about it is that certain parts of it have good shopping.
Guy 1: How was your trip to Tennessee?
Guy 2:Horrible, I couldn't find my way out of all the corn.
by J.J. The Flying Taco October 21, 2007
Ground Zero for mediocre hick losers. Stay away. You still can; you still have a chance. I don't.

Homosexuals, psychos, 90 IQ crackers, some quiet but sneaky blacks, and people who stumbled off the set of a Civil War movie, blinking and pissy. Take a poor Irishman, give him a lobotomy, and you've got yourself a denizen of Lower Appalachian. Jews own the downtowns but get alarmingly hickish over the years. IQ tends to corrode fast here.
You're in =Tennessee= now, BOY.
by Tennessee4eva April 12, 2007
A word often followed with a smaller number than the one after the word "Florida".
Florida 30 - Tennessee 13
Florida 27 - Tennessee 23
Florida 23 - Tennessee 21
Florida 33 - Tennessee 20
Florida 35 - Tennessee 29
Florida 62 - Tennessee 37
Florida 31 - Tennessee 0
Florida 41 - Tennessee 34
by Hic October 07, 2004
beautifull place where the people there are not as smart as much as the place's beauty. most poeople are rednecks and the others who are not are dirrty dirtty rappers.
south sideeeeee... lol
by sup March 21, 2005
Just jelow the best Southern state Kentucky!
Kentucky is the best Southern state, not Tennessee.
by John Dean November 02, 2005
a hick state in the south; its 2 largest citys are known for their music- memphis is an old river city and is a haven for good blues and rock, while nashville is a piece of crap in the center with country; knoxville and anything east of there is hick central
if you have to live in tennessee, make sure its in memphis, so you can hear the blues and cheer on the grizzlies
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
Don't get me wrong, Tennessee is alright... if you like fat people. I think that Tennessee has to be one of the fattest states in America. Mc Donalds is considered the only foods for many Tennesseans (no, I don't like Mc Donalds). Also, if you have something against overweight rednecks with a southern twang, I think some red flags would go up about this place. Oh, and NEVER talk negatively about them VOLS. If you say something bad about the Tennessee Vols in public, there's a 96% chance you'll get the poop beaten out of you. For future references, if you're planning on a vacation to a southern place, go to south america :/. Seriously.
Tennessee smells like poop on rocks.
by FunkMasterMike April 29, 2005