East,west and part of the middle of this state are straight drugs. Tennessee is the #1 producer of moonshine, 2nd state for cannabis production (behind California), and is one of the largest crystal meth producing states. All drugs are readily available in neighborhoods or schools.

People here like to chill old school. Most of time here are getting fucked up or getting fucked up the doing some other form of recreation.
Let's head over to Tennessee to the city of Johnson and get fucked up.
#tennessee #drugs #moonshine #meth #crystal meth #marijuana #cannabis
by Tniggsss November 22, 2007
Where roadkill is legally yours and legally edible, but you need a tag to keep a roadkilled bear.
This Tennessee deer tastes like windshield washer fluid.
#tennessee #roadkill #bears #legal #edible
by Knux2 July 22, 2009
"Str8 from 10-uh-C, wit curls and gold teeth" = Eight Ball
how can you say Tennessee sucks?? thats one of the best states in the souf!
by willie April 01, 2004
The state with some of the worst schools in America.
man:"Is he stupid?"
woman:"Oh be nice, he is from Tennessee!"
#stupid #redneck #niger lover #white trash #hicks #jesus freaks
by GruesomeGage November 18, 2010
Birthplace and home of the KKK
holy shit, the south Tennessee will rise again!
#kkk #birth #home #white #rednecks
by eafaewfg February 07, 2008
its what you say in a game of dominoes when you lay a bone down for 10 points.
see also ten-derloin steak and gravy, ten-nis shoe, be ten-der, ten-t tha dos on my cadilac, you better ten-d to that fire, ten stiches in his britches, ten-d them wounds, the ten-sion builds and my personal favorite pay a-ten-tion
play a game of bones with me and you will see.
by who dat January 23, 2005
A small comic made by marcusjb88 of VGDC.
Old Guy: LOL PR0N!
Some guy: lol dude i just shoved lsd pills up my butthole
Old Guy: LOL PR0N!
by Link September 27, 2004
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