Things 'bout sweet Tennessee:
You dont get spanking; you get a butt whoopin'

We dont drink liquor; we drink whiskey

We dont call people from the north northerners; we call 'em damn yankees

We're all rednecks; just some of us are classier than others

Sweet tea and porches; our favorite things

Us Tennessee girls arent sluts; we flirt with everybody

You talk bad bout us or our kin; not only us but our friends will take turns kickin' yer ass

We dont have family; we have kin

Us Southern belles like our curves; call us fat and we'll make you regret it

Kiss my ass; our favorite insult

We people of Tennessee are the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Anything can be fried

Cammo and Guns; our guys' accsesories
Welcome to Tennessee Y'all
by Southern Belle;) January 13, 2012
A state created to allow men to successfully impress and have sex with women.
Mark: Are you from Tennessee because you're the only Ten-I-See...
Jill: My God Mark that was so clever let's make a sex
by Dr. Richard Cockshot December 08, 2015
The Volunteer State. A picturesque state of the southeastern U.S. between the Mississippi River and Appalachain Mountains. One of those hillbilly states of the Bible Belt where cousins kiss, siblings intermarry and people eat roadkill. Most of Tennessee's 6 million people (ranks 16th in population) are probably rednecks but friendly nonetheless. Memphis is the largest city and Nashville is the capital.

Despite the state's reputation as a place of hillbillies, Tennessee is actually pretty cool to live in--certainly much better then Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama or West Virginia. The roads are pretty good and not nearlly as many as in the Midwest. A good thing about Tennesse, unlike most states, is that it has, not just one, but TWO large cities: Memphis (650,000) and Nashville (570,000). Both have metro populations that exceed one-million people. Memphis is the largest city and is a river town and the home of Elvis's Graceland Mansion. It is also a center for jazz music and has lots of bars. Nashville, the capital is the unofficial "country music capital" of America and know as "Music City, USA." Nashville is the leading center for the recording of Country/Western and Southern Gospel music. The Grand Ole Opry is in Nashville. Interestingly, Nashville, above all places, will soon have the tallest building in the U.S. outside NY and Chicago. I have no idea why. Knoxville, the 3rd largest city, is a cool college town and home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee has a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the state's largest tourist attraction. Skiing is popular in the mountains during the winter.

Tennesee's elevation increases from west to east. The lowest point is near Memphis along the Mississippi River and the highest point is near Klingman's Dome near the North Carolina border.

Tennssee has a diverse economy. Services and healthcare, and not country music production, is the largest economic activity in the Nashville area. Memphis is a major center for transportation and trade, thanks to Fed Ex and operates a domestic hub for Northwest Airlines, for some reason. The state's largest manufacturing activity is the assembly of transportation equipment. Nissan and GM operate large plants in the state. Tobacco is the largest cash crop.
If I had to live in the south, I would live in Tennessee. It's also a good place to visit.
by krock1dk January 22, 2008
A beautiful state with overall good people, but with an extremely high Christian population. People who are open Atheists are likely to get stoned to death. I would know, as I live there and am one. I can barely do anything.
Meeting new neighbor in Tennessee "Oh, hi there!." "You're what now?" *Picks up rocks*
by olkj March 05, 2011
A seriously bad ass state. The people here are fucking hot, and the only rednecks live in Memphis, which everyone avoids anyway. If you hate on it you've probably never even been here before, or you're a whiny, sexually confused, and *completely* misunderstood 16-year-old that wants to be a painter when you grow up. This state is infinitely better than every other southern state, and is also the birthplace of Arnold Swarzeniggerface, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, among many others. A metric shit ton of awesome bands have come from here and most of them are probably better than 95% of the other musicians out there right now.
Some unfunny nigger on this generally unfunny website called Urban Dictionary claiming to be from Tennessee made a list exploiting his or her homosexuality under the disguise of a list about things to know if you're going to Tennessee. Please note that everything about said list is similar to, if not completely engulfed in, the substance that exits a bull's colon and then proceeds to flow from its anus.
Tennessee is the best state ever! I lived in Tennessee my whole life and I ain't the least bit country! NOT! I am country and proud! Ya'll are glad you dont live in Tennessee for the summer 'cause its so hot!
I ain't a hillbilly neither is tennessee! NOT well at not at least not all people are!
by Drama0176 July 17, 2008
A state in the Southern part of the United States that has some of the most conservative and dumbest people in the world. The natives of Tennessee are number 10 in a list that has the top 10 dumbest and stupidest states and the state itself is number 1 in the worst state to live in list.

The people has never heard of what a public domain is and believes in stupid conspiracy theories such aliens creating humans and other stupid things. They also claim that they are nice when in reality, they are so arrogant and ignorant that it's sickening. They are hardly intelligent at all.
Tennessee is one of the worst states in America since it's people are complete retards.
by Preacher of Truth October 28, 2014
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