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A name for a girl, any girl with this name is a total babe. The name Tenley was made popular by the famous figure skater Tenley Albright!
"See that babe over there?"
"She must be a Tenley."
by tenley mccrimmon April 01, 2008
An unusual girl's name (though more common than many people believe- just search facebook for Tenley!)

Jessica Biel's character name in the movie Summer Catch (Tenley Parish)

Tenley Albright was the first American woman to win an Olympic Gold medal for figure skating in in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy in 1956
"I dated a girl named Tenley for a while" "Wow, I've never met another Tenley before"
by Tenley B December 30, 2008
A girl named Tenley is popular and etreeamly hott! Shes a real catch.
Guy: Oww look at that girl!
Other guy: damn she must be a Tenley!
by sexyychick12 June 15, 2010