A footpath running between houses connecting two roads (orig. East Yorkshire). Also known as a 'cut'.
"Quickest way to the chippy is down that tenfoot"
by davidovsky September 10, 2009
Top Definition
A ten foot wide passageway located behind houses for access to garages
The baines are larking down the tenfoot
by The Johnster March 25, 2003
Commonly used to describe a passage way in the City of Hull in East Yorkshire and thesurrounding area. So called due to the passage way being 10ft wide. Used by cars and people to access the back of their houses, garages etc.
'Fancy a game of football? Meet you in the ten foot at the back of our house'.
by Nelly Pops November 19, 2009
Term used in Hull to describe the wide alley bewteen houses of the city. Named so because of its width.
A ten-foot ran between our house and his.
by parishair July 28, 2010

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