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greenhorn neophyte
One who is inexperienced.
One who has limited experience.
A boy scout who has not earned enough merit badges to quailfy as an Eagle Scout.
One who has injured a foot.
I won't kick your butt right now because I have a tenderfoot.
by millwoody4x4 June 26, 2005
an inexperienced person, a newcomer
Though he has skills to succeed, he still behaves like a tenderfoot.
by Light Joker December 30, 2005
The first rank to be earned upon entering Boy Scouts.
"Damnit Joe, this goes by rank, tenderfoots in back."
by Mr. Stoner July 24, 2005
greenhorn, neophyte, boy scout of lower rank than an Eagle Scout.
I got my merit badges but not enough to become an Eagle Scout.
by millwoody4x4 June 24, 2005
Feminine Fellow slang used by Cowboys
That person there wearing those super tight skinny jeans look s like a tender foot
by The real deal mexi Field October 14, 2015
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