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A man who lets women walk all over himself . Low self esteem.Has no morals and lets women control his thoughts and actions
If he was'nt such a tender dick he wouldn't be stuck with that girl . Man that guys a tender dick you can tell his girl run;s his life
by lvdirtjunky November 12, 2007
One who plays the scrum half position (rugby) as though he/she is afraid, incompetent, or generally unreliable.
That Green-side scrum half was a straight up tender dick.
by jiggisland May 02, 2011
Tender dick tends to be a cock blocker. He wants all the pussy to himself. He is selfish. He thinks he is whipping the pussy the pussy is whipping him
The reason he's chose hoes over Bro's is he is a tender dick nigga
by Playboybiatch June 15, 2016
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