A tenant of a structure that is tent like in appearance and not bricks as mistakenly assumed by the majority which just goes to show that the majoooooority vote is not always reliable
Need Baby Tenant to rent a tent!
by Hercolena Oliver April 20, 2009
Top Definition
Also known as "Disappointment". One who signs a contract, to pay rent in exchange for occupancy/use or real property, with reckless disregard for reasonable rules and without respect for the owner/landlord or other co-occupants in said building.
Every time that a landlord makes a compromise in the process of selecting a tenant, it will result in disappointment.
by TT4 January 12, 2008
the choice of alcoholic beverage of the homeless,benefitter's and mushti's of this world.often refered to as trampagne or rocket fuel
Q: What are you drinking?
A: Tenants
R: Are you on benefits/Do you have a home?
by winged phantom October 09, 2006
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