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Ten pounds worth of alcohol, phrase often used by underage drinkers, originates from drug culture
Hey mate, can you go shops and get me a tenbags worth of alcohol please.
by RossyBlackmore July 28, 2011
a bag containing $10 worth of weed; also known as a dimebag.
usually around a sixteenth of an ounce depending on quality and who you buy from. should be enough for 3-4 smokes.
i picked up a ten bag last night and got stoned off my ass.
by abbas224 March 03, 2007
a ten- pound deal of heroin/crack
have you got a tenbag for sale, mate?
by clarky November 05, 2003
A measure of heroin costing £10 usually sold in a small foil wrap.
jobseeker 1-hey mate wanna go halves on a gram of brown?
jobseeker 2-nah mate i got a couple of ten bags...i'm sound mate.
by laharl420 April 30, 2010
Ten pounds worth of heroin, Usually 0.1 grams.
Can I get a ten bag off you mate?
by Pugman March 21, 2008