a ten- pound deal of heroin/crack
have you got a tenbag for sale, mate?
by clarky November 05, 2003
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a bag containing $10 worth of weed; also known as a dimebag.
usually around a sixteenth of an ounce depending on quality and who you buy from. should be enough for 3-4 smokes.
i picked up a ten bag last night and got stoned off my ass.
by abbas224 March 03, 2007
Ten pounds worth of alcohol, phrase often used by underage drinkers, originates from drug culture
Hey mate, can you go shops and get me a tenbags worth of alcohol please.
by RossyBlackmore July 28, 2011
A measure of heroin costing £10 usually sold in a small foil wrap.
jobseeker 1-hey mate wanna go halves on a gram of brown?
jobseeker 2-nah mate i got a couple of ten bags...i'm sound mate.
by laharl420 April 30, 2010
Ten pounds worth of heroin, Usually 0.1 grams.
Can I get a ten bag off you mate?
by Pugman March 21, 2008

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