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sick gay creatures with things that resemble cocks on there is hard to tell weather these fagots are girls or boys
who in the hell would have a sick mind to make creatures with freakin cocks on there heads
by baka_kuso_yarou December 09, 2004
Result of old aged pensioners on acid.

Four round furry creatures, that dance and babble in Telly Tubby land. They are:

Dipsy = green with a spike on head.
Laa-Laa = yellow with curly pig tail on head.
Po = Red with a small halo.
Tinky-Winky = purple with a purple coat hanger on head.

In Telly Tubby Land, the Sun is baby faced, always shining and gurgling. Whie trabbits much verdant grass and never shite. Or maybe Noo-Noo the giant vacuum cleaner eats rabbit shite.

Every half hour every day the windmill turns and flashes coloured sparks, and one of the TV stomach turns on and a little show usu. involving little children doing activity, this happens twice, then they prance about a bit, and they jump back into the dome.
Old Bertie ate his son's tabs and saw some telly tubbies.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
the pastel-coloured spawns of Satan
run for your souls! the tellytubbies are descending upon us over the hills!
by the Crumpet July 08, 2004
jack osbourne and his little friends like to watch this childrens cartoon with gay creatures in Las Vegas. did i mention that jack is hott?
"Tinky winky, dipsey, lala, poe. telly tubies, telly tubbies say hello!"
" Tubbie wubbie ubbie bubbie"
by BrideOfJack_Sarah January 20, 2004

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