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Pronunciation: /ˈtel-əm/
Function: noun
Inflected Forms: plural - tellums
Etymology: American
Date: 1980

1 : A hairstyle in which the hair is short on the sides and back and long at the front.
2 : A reverse mullet often complemented with the back of their hair being spiky.
3 : "Mullet" spelled backwards.
Kate Gosselin has a fabulous tellum.
by andy_mmmkay June 04, 2009
A reverse mullet; long hair in the front, and short hair in the back. A favorite hair style of red necks across Nebraska.
Mr. Kelly has a tellum.
by Poop Johnson October 30, 2002
noun; pronounced "Tell-em" the official haircut of Hoover High School's football team, Tune in to MTV Two a days for visual proof of the fashion faux paus.
"man that Tellum is a visual dichotomy its business in the back party in the front"
by Derek All Together October 01, 2006