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a line from "Of Mice and Men" by steinback
"Tell me about the rabbits, George!
by DeWayne Mann June 17, 2003

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A popular quote from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (said by Lennie to George), sometimes used when dreaming of something (often along with someone else) that you know will never happen. Usually used in a sad, almost-reminiscent way.
Friend: It'll be okay... You'll get better soon...
Terminally Ill Patient: Tell me about the rabbits, George...
Friend: ... Once you get better, you'll go back to school with all of us again...and you'll pass with the highest grades like always...and then we'll be roommates for college...and everything will all be okay...
by -Kay March 22, 2011
Tell me again about how we're going to have place of our own some day, and be happy keeping rabbits. And we'll chase these cats away!
See above
by Bob Thomson June 29, 2003