1. A stupid plastic box with a CRT, plastic casing (sometimes bestowed with wood paneling if its from 1978), and a glass screen designed to keep people in their homes.

2. Corporatism's source of pocketing new customers with their ill-quality products.

3. Something to sit and stare at if you want to see the forecast, or see people get killed.
Television sucks, and its completely stupid, which is why I don't say "television"; I call it the "idiot box"
by idonthavaname August 24, 2006
Top Definition
The early 21st century drug of choice. A shared illusion, making its addicts think they have friends, a life, access to good information, and the critical thinking skills to form valid opinions. Fatal in large doses.
Paul spent the day eating Cheetos and watching Television, then had a light heart attack in the evening.
by Who, me? August 18, 2003
Mankind's greatest and worst achievement.
I looked at an educational program and then watched Pimp My Ride.
by Matt March 14, 2005
The downfall of mankind. Also known as the idiot box.
by IkeM October 25, 2003
The electronic form of the plague.
I thought he was dead but he was just watching Television.
by Mike Bendixson December 05, 2005
The greatest invention ever known to man. Also see tv
if it weren't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight
by Biddy March 06, 2005
The cathode ray tube is the retina of the mind's eye.
Long live the new flesh!
by Dr. Brian O'Blivion May 06, 2004
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