Someone who has either no phone or a sucky phone, who isn't caught up with technology.
Stacey and Kham were so telepathetic, they didn't even have a phone~
by SpongebobLovesHerPatrick<3 November 23, 2011
Having the ability to see the future of totally useless events and no ability whatsoever to foresee anything useful.
Mary," Sue, I kept dreaming all night about spilled coffee."

Then a coworker walks in laughing about the boss spilled coffee all over his shirt .

Sue asks Mary to pick a lottery ticket and Mary picks a loser.

Sue."Thanks Mary, you must be telepathetic!"
by kaoschikk January 24, 2010
The psychic ability people develop that allows them to detect pathetic losers from a comfortable distance.
From Monique's unique position, upside down on the pole as it were, and her keenly honed telepathetic abilities she new which guys had the cash she needed for the night.
by Plagerdiasus III June 11, 2015
The inability to abide by unwritten telephone etiquette.

Could also refer to technology deprived older people’s inability to operate modern smart phones.
"Sandy hung up on me! She's so telepathetic!"

Grandma's measage : "Could you please bring us a juicy dick?"

"I mean duck, damn auto-erect"

"Shit, Gran is REALLY telepathetic!"
by IcySpeedQueen January 24, 2014
When you answer the phone and know the other persons a loser!
I knew you were going to call loser becuase I'm telepathetic!
by ilookmarvlus March 09, 2010

1. When two or more people acknowledge the other's discovery of humor in something that is absolutely serious, of course, without the utterance of anything but a chuckle.
Through telepathetic acknowledgement, an inevitable giggle sounded from the two when a paraplegic entered the room.
by Hellaphunt September 18, 2008
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