to have misused telepathy.
a person who can not telepathise.
I did that telepatheticly.
He's such a telepathetic.
by bread infection January 02, 2006
Being able to read what some else is thinking or going to say.
She looked at me and I looked at her, we were complete strangers but we both smirked and then giggled about the funny mans hair, we had a telepathetic moment.
by Zooter May 07, 2006
Used to describe a person who thinks they can read minds, but can't.
*based from the words "telepathy" and "pathetic"

It is usually used as a punchline when someone tries to read another person's mind and fails to do so.
Used anytime when one person cannot portray one idea to another in any way through telepathy.

Teacher: Since you are all telepathetic, I will communicate the lesson to you all orally.

Psychic: I am telepathic and can read you mind, but only for a small fee.
(client pays small fee)
Client: so can you tell me my real name?
Psychic: no
Client: so that makes you telepathetic!
by 8Red44 June 14, 2009
Growing bored with and becoming apathetic towards ones gift of telepathy.
Telepathy used to be fun for me but now I'm telepathetic.
by iknowswhatimtalkinbout March 20, 2007
(noun or verb) I knew what you were thinking... and it was dumb.
Software as an industry isn't forever totally dormant so youre being tele-pathetic.

by Larry Chiang September 14, 2005
claiming to be telepathic when you are not
that psychic is so telepathetic!
by doomof1987 March 20, 2010
having extrasensory perception, but with low accuracy; may be used as a noun or adjective; a hybrid of the words telepathic and pathetic; telepathetical is also commonly used and accepted.
Bree: Wow, I just had deja vous.
Rebecca: What? Your mom is getting fatter? That's not deja vous.
Bree: Whatever. Your mom is fat too.
Rebecca: You're totally telepathetic!
by October 15, 2006
A painful and unwilling empathy with strangers.
I couldn't stay at the was just too telepathetic
by Dean Mermell April 02, 2003

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