Teeny boppers are basically try hards, or young girls who are really..well...girly..

wearing alot of pink.

giggle about boys.

wear incredibly short mini skirts..

frilly things/beads/lots of layers and bright clothes.

Hanging out near all the cool cats pretending they're just as cool...THEY'RE NOT!

run around screaming and squealing.

always carry little tiny handbags on their shoulders full of their makeup.

obbsessed with lipgloss.

flip their hair all the time.

scream when they get a msg.

walk around in groups of friends that all look alike..

wear matching clothes as all their little friends.

sworn enemy of the emo/scene kids..yahoo!!

Go to alot of bluelights.

Fake stuff just to get attention.

Listen to simple plan and good charlotte.

but also listen to girly music.

wear high heels even though they're 12 and cant walk in them.

aNd ThEy AlSo TyPe LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE aPpArEnTlY tHiS iS tHe CoOl WaY tO tYpE.

it isnt.

so stop that.

most are sluts.

or pretend they are to look good.


Teeny bopper conversation.

"oh my gosh! that boy is soooo hot..he was totally looking at you!"

"oh my gosh no way! maybe I should giggle really loudly as I walk past and get him to notice me!"

"oh my god do it!!!!!!!"

by Lucy lambentâ„¢ February 04, 2007
A teeny bopper is usually between the ages of 11-15. Everything they like comes from the latest trends or fashions, which they have nothing of. Their whole existence is based on what their friends wear or have.
They only like what's "IN" and after that, they wouldn't be caught dead with it. "DeY TyPE LyK DiS."

They wear tight ass clothes even though they are fat as fuck. the shirts they wear would say something like "baby phat, roxy, princess, baby girl, flirt" they have no lives and obsess over their boyfriend and saying "i love you" like they actually mean it, and then get dumped a day later. they go to the mall more than 3 times a week in large groups, usually more than 8 people. they stand around stores and talk about useless stuff with their other teeny bopper friends. you can tell they're a teeny bopper if they bring a backback with them to the mall with nothing inside. teeny boppers wear rubber bands on their pants to try to look cool. they buy way too much shoes. they talk and can't back it up.

Teeny boppers aren't smart or good at sports. they're not even good at what they think theyre good at. believe me, i know some teeny boppers. their clothing makes me wanna burn my eyes off. well, a teeny bopper is someone who tries to be one of the girls in a rap video, with tight clothing, $200 hair, and expensive shoes and perfume. they make me sick. basically a teeny bopper is stupid, retard, wannabe kind of person.
teeny bopper 1:HeY GuRl. Y0u WaNna g0 2 dA mALl S0 wE kIn meEt uP WiT dA gUYZ AnD ThRow Up In tHe BaThr00ms aFteR LunCh?
teeny bopper 2: HeLlZ YAhz GiRLy.
by charlie willaim dag friegle August 09, 2006
stupid kids who stalk theyr fave 'punk' band obsessively, know everything about them and keep sayin 'OMG hes sooooo cute..'
look that kid followin that guy from that band around....shes such a teeny bopper....lets go shoot her..
by miss chloe August 13, 2003
Teeny Boppers are usally quite girly and glam (trying to be) or Wemo (wanna be emo) or a Poser of some sort.

1. The girly pretty princess noncense is very much envyed by many teens, teeny boppers are usally about 9 to 13 in my case.The girly boppers think the world of there self and think they are also as 'cool' as the popular gangs. They go on IM alot (MSN). Mostly they speak like this:

1 They can't finish a sentence with out like 1 like million like likes....

2 ThEy ThInK ItS wAy CoOl tO uSe DiFfErEnT

3 Some tend to use smiley faces like:

+] =] :) *_* and so on to only teeny boppers do so though (its sort of a trend hehe!)

4 They Love bands that are mainstream and disney music such as HSM (High School Musical) JoBros (Jonas Brothers) And Hannah Montanna (miley Cyrus). They do not usallylike the music for its talent normally (i stress normally) for the music thats 'in'

Type Two 2 Teeny Boppers

Yes, I dread but its the WEMO's for ones that don't know what this is its wanna be emo/Scenes/Goths and Punks.Not all 9-13 kids are Teeny Boppersor WEMO's but if they are failing badly yu can tell for example;

Try to be sad to fit in
Try to wear Black to fit in
Or just think they are all it by saying im a Punk_*Princess* kiss kiss blahh blahh... and try o have silly girly scene names.
but again some 9-13 are not posers!

To some it up there are to different types of teeny Boopers but not all are what they seam andjust because someone uses x or _ doesnt mean they are a TB
Teeny Boppers(): Hey Like OMG!!!...!111Im so like finking MCR is so like In like HAWTT!x=3 init girlly friend coe onhunzcYaxXxxOMFG!!x
Scene GIrl your Perfetic..
TB like omg i can'tbeliev that like im so hot like im nine and like i have myspace blahh blahh blahh
Scene *walks away* Mutters to self....

Not everyones lie that rubbish example hehe!=]P.s not every Teeny Bopper is nine with a Myspace i am Rubbish with exaples
by SophLovesRenT January 15, 2009
A teeny bopper is a stupid little person who like what MTV air because the are manipulative. they only like whats "in" for 1-2 weeks at most, wear pink, and "claim" to be emo/goth/prep/jock whatever.
they also watch disney channel and memorized the HSM songs/mily cirse/sweet life...
teeny bopper: OmG1!1!1!elevendyone!! McR** RUleS My Emo SOX!!! gErAlD** i$ @ SmExY BitCh!!1!
me: Wheres my gun?
bopper: ScReW MCr** HIGH SKOOL muSiCal!! OMGZZZ!!Q!1!5!
me: Ah, here it it! !!BANG BANG!!

**-substite for whatever is in, ((ex: AFI, FOB, P!@tD, Zac Effron ect.))
by m@ndA October 13, 2006
Teeny Bopper can be guy or girl. They're usually with their "clique"; the one who they always hang out with. Majority of the teeny boppers are young teens. They're usually up to no good. Trouble, trouble, trouble. Never home, loud, live around rumors, and gossip. Have nothing better to do but talk about others, and think about themselves. Usually followers, not leaders. Teeny boppers are well known around town; What they do, did, done, you name it.
Teeny boppers;
Middle schooolers,
Freshmens, & Sophomores.
by beaautiful November 19, 2008
one of those people (usually teenage girls) who get all giggly and stupid anytime they are near someone even a tiny bit famous. at shows, they are usually the ones asking for the band's autograph, even if it's a high school band that only about 4 people have ever heard of.
"OMG!! i like can't believe I'm like talking to a guy that's like in a band!!! I like just can't stop like giggling!"
by i'm sorry but I hate you.. January 26, 2005

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