girls between the age of 10-14 who like to listen to nsync, backstreet boys, etc. they type LiKe DiS, and act like bimbos.
LiKe OMG! I'm A dImWiTtEd TeEnYbOpPeR wHo LoVeS nYsTInK.
by sillyducky September 05, 2003
The group of young, rich, hyper 10-15 year old girls that make up a good 50% of students in our public school system. They tend to hunt in packs (cliques). Annoying as hell.
Teeny boppers are commonly mis-identified as preps.

In the nineties, teeny boppers worshipped N*SYNC.
by ~souba~ November 19, 2005
Just about everyone who writes definitions for Billie Joe Armstrong, Benji and Joel Madden, Bam Margera, and Ville Valo.
Why should I describe teenyboppers when you could just click the links posted above and see teenyboppers in action?
by Benji Mama April 18, 2005
a kid between 10-15 who acts grown up by wearing their backpacks to malls, bringing drinks to school, wearing differnt kinds of shoes every day, not using proper grammer(aiight, aint, etc), walking with a group of 5 or more, taking things from someone as if it was for free(a.k.a. freeloader), and MORE.
teeny boppers are gay.
by e|2iC May 23, 2003
stupid kids, ussually ages 13 to 19, who like to piss off everyone by going to the movies just for the hell of it, and not really the movies. after the movies, they usually hangout outside of the theatre arguing about wether they should go to starbucks or jamba juice. popular kids are usually found in the "teenybopper" crowd.
"shouldnt you fucking teenyboppers be at the fucking mall? i mean, it is friday."
by anti-scenekidd July 08, 2005
Extremely small: diminutive, dwarf, Lilliputian, midget, miniature, minuscule, minute2, pygmy, tiny, wee. Informal peewee, pintsize, pintsized, teensy-weensy, teensy, teeny-weeny, weeny. See big/small/amount.A young teenage girl.A teenager who follows the latest fad or craze, as in dress or music. The teenybopper is seen to conform to the trends of the moment. He or she will generally dress the same, talk the same and act the same way as their friends. They are easily influenced by peer pressure, and as a result will often be afraid to voice any unique opinions and beliefs.Female teenyboppers are recognised by their skimpy clothing, while male teenyboppers tend to favour the outfits worn by popular macho artists of their era ranging from hair metal bands to commercial hip-hop artists
Teenybopper music.The collective Musical Genres of Pop-Punk, Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap and RnB can be described as Teenybopper Music because Teenyboppers listen to such musical genres. Older types of Teenybopper music include bubblegum pop, arena rock and hair-metal. Teenybopper music is usually quite cheerful and upbeat, much like the teenyboppers themselves. The music style is often criticised for being "manufactured" and lacking talent
Just SLUTS!!! The term is typically used in an offensive context, where it implies immaturity andlackofsophisticated musical taste. The term also has connotations of conformity of musical taste, implying that teenyboppers will listen to whatever is popular at the time rather than making their own choice. Teenyboppers also idolise the artists of teenybopper music..There are few independent artists who target teenyboppers.
Christina (18)
This little cutie came to us a few days after her 18th birthday. Christina could not wait to open the package Julian had for her as she wrapped her lips around it and took it all like a pro!

Haley Young (19)
A bit shy at first, young Haley came to us wanting into the club. Our man let her have it for her entrance exam as he gave her a great fucking letting her into the Teeny Bopper Club!
by LyricalLady aka Defo Queen February 18, 2006
1.A girl from the age of 12-15 who does not know any good music, and is really fake.
2. The Jonas Brothers fan club.
girl 1: OMG did you hear the new Jonas Brothers song??
girl 2: Yes! It was soooo good.
girl 1: And they are sooo Hot!
me: Please shut up you teenyboppers!
by Flyleaf is a good band December 14, 2008
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