someone who screams a lot at a "band" and doesn't even know the "band" members names eg. good charlotte

pisses me off
by sam November 23, 2003
a teenage girl mostly 13-16 (i dunno) who listens to pop(Hilary Duff,Jessica Simpson etc.)goes to the mall for clothes, watches The WB or FOX for shows like "One Tree Hill", "What I Like About You" and "The O.C." for the "hotties" and sometimes reads Seventeen or something.
Inserts the basic words of a valley girl including 'like' and 'OMG!'.
Some of the girls at my school
by KK May 09, 2004
someone who likes a band purely for their looks as opposed to the music
That show ho was such a teenybopper. She didn't even know the words to the song.
by Cassie April 06, 2003
A teenybopper is a girl from the age 11-16 yrs. old. She says something like OMG I hate her she fucking muc stole my my boifriend.. Yeah who cares I means that a sad thing but they act like they are going to die. They only care about Twilight and think that a celebrity will one day marry them(so sad). They also think that they are grown up and only care about makeup and hot boys. If they are watching a sad movie all they care about it their mascara running. What the HELL!!!
Watch out for those evil teenyboppers they might kill your ears with the voice of Justin Bieber!!
by iamkirstenn February 08, 2010
a tweenager or teenager who listens to a 'thing' called pop, which shouldnt even be classified as music.
they are obsessed with boys, makeup, clothes, brands, latest fashions
they say 'omg' or 'lmfao' waaay to much.
they think the world revolves around them.
they are usually 'daddys little girl', aka 'daddys plastic snatcher', and alot of them can also be considered 'plastics'
they go out with guys for their looks.
they sometimes are even friends with people because of their looks, or money, or popularity.
they spend their lives talking on the phone, texting, talking on msn, shopping...
they shop in places such as 'supre' enough said.
"omg, i was lyk shopping in supre the other day, and omg, david was their!!!"
"omg r u serious!?!?!?!"
"omg yes!!! nd i wz lyk, hey, and omg, he lyk fully smiled at me!!!"
"omg" *at this point they both start jumping up and down*
"i no, omg he lyk totally asked 4 my number, so yea, omg, it was lyk, so awesome!!"
"omg, i am sooo jelous, he is lyk soooo hot, lyk omfg!!"
"i no!!! omg, omg, omg, he lyk totally lyks me!!!"
"well lets go listen to some britney spears!!!"
"omg yes!!!"
me: *sigh* ther goes some more teenyboppers... *bang* *bang* ok, ther gone now :D
by Sineadp0tat0 April 25, 2006
Firstly, i would like to correct a few misconceptions that have been made about the teeny bopper group. Teeny boppers, are NOT typically blonde, they do NOT hail from a particular age group, they are NOT sluts (to be a slut, you have to have slept with multiple partners in a short space of time). Now to my attacks on the people who have previously defined teeny bopper. Saying other people are mainstream DOESNT make you alternative. Bagging out other bands for being MAINSTREAM doesnt make you alternative. Naming bands that seem alternative, DOESNT make you so. Not having any other insult to call someone, doesnt NOT make them a teeny bopper by default. Now, i will leave my corrections, for there are too many.

Teeny boppers are people who are obsessed with being "cool". They are loud, and obnoxious, and often laugh at things that are not funny. Sometimes, i have found, they put on American accents when recounting things (not too sure what thats about).
Below are some examples, undoubtedly there are more, however, there are too may to list, and i have too little time.

P.S Saying you want to kill teeny boppers, doesnt mean you arent one. It means youre psycho.
1. Teeny boppers dress entirely in supre.
2. They scan magazines for the "what's hot" column.
3. They don't care if it looks like shit on them, as long as it's in this months GIRLFRIEND.
4. DeY tYpE n SmS lyYkZ dIzZ.
5. They "play" soccer at lunch, for the sole purpose of skanking around the opposite sex.
6. They often have "i love (insert name of most recent encounter)" in their msn nicknames.
by Dr. Proficient October 03, 2006
Idiotic 9 - 14 yr old girls that
- Think Hannnah Montana is lyke oh my gawd, so awesome!
- Obsessed with bright colors and tacky glitter
- Think Zac Efron will marry them
- Hobbies include chewing gum and text messaging
- Know nothing about the real world
- Think their so cute when their just fucking annoying
Teeny Bopper: Oh my gawd I freakin' like hate yooh!

Me: dude your like 10, learn about the real world.
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
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