A fanatcial teenager, often a girl at the cusp of puberty, who squanders vast amounts of hard earned money on useless items of clothes, music, and fashion products. Frowned upon by the more educated sector of our soceity, considred the epitome of ignorance of the teen age life.
Look at the 12 your old dame, shit nigga, she's your classic teenboppa
by natedizzle July 19, 2003
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Flat-chested 11 and 12 year olds that worship non-flat-chested rappers wives, wear make-up thicker than their IQs, and post self-taken pictures of 8 different angles of their face on MySpace.
"zOmg, liek, i ttly went ^ anofer traina bra syz dis yr!!!!!!1!" Said the Teenyboppers in unison.
by Clairis January 23, 2008
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A girl obsessed with pop culture, gossip and throwing up in bathrooms after meals in an attempt to fit in, act more mature or be cooler. This is often an attempt to overcompensate for other insecurities. They are also attention whores. Teeny Boppers are usually 10-16 years of age, or are college students with the mentality of a 10-16 year old.

If they are 18+ teeny boppers, they usually have no direction in life other then “I am an aspiring actress/dancer” while working as a hooters waitress and getting drunk on weekends. By the time they are 30, they usually have 8 out of style tattoos, 3 kids from 20 fathers, 50 extra pounds (if not more), and shoot heroin. They are often slaves to their hormones and emotions. They are incredibly friendly and fun loving one minute, then turn psycho and obsessive the next.
Last night at the club, I took home a teeny bopper chick. Dude, they are so easy but wont shut the fuck up.
by Xeal March 17, 2005
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n. Usually a young girl, almost a teenager, who follows fads without thinking for themselves. Very mindless and superficial. Seen wearing either "cute" shirts with "Angel," "Diva," "Hottie," etc. or anything else that is currently in fashion, such as the long-tunic with tights style going around now, which I think looks completely horrendous. (It also causes girls who are not "thin" enough to become anorexic since this season's style is extremely thin, as if there aren't enough anorexic people in the US and other places.) They are usually "popular" in school, unfortunately, and they do not convey what true beauty is. Teenyboppers are proof that Western civilization is failing, since they don't really amount to anything when they get older, either.
Teenybopper: lyK oMG i lyike lovooooovveeeee (insert any rich, snobby, does-not-contribute-anything-of-worth celebrity's name here) and i lyk want to have sex w himand lyyykk havve his babieszzzzzz !!!! lolLOLlolLOL ;P !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: That is very disgusting. How old are you again?

Teenybopper: 9.

Me: *dies*
by Introvert November 09, 2006
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Realistically,a "teeny bopper" is a young American between the ages of 12 and 19 who are very easily manipulated by pop culture.Often critisized because of their inability to think for themselves,"teeny boppers" also have a bad reputation for doing whatever pop culture tells them to do to fit in and be "cool" or "down with it".They are very easy targets for sex,profits of different sorts,and prep crowd poularity contests.Their self inflicted drama(which is often orchestrated through wispers,text messaging,gossip and appearance)can safely be regarded as gospel.Generally speaking,they base everything in all aspects of their lives off of appearance and are refered to by mature adults as "shallow".This will never go away in the American society and will only manifest as pop culture becomes even more ignorant.The only cure is for them to take education seriously and find faith in their lives.But since everything is a joke now-a-days,don't get your hopes up for this happening anytime in the next millenium!
Teeny boppers on "American Idol",teeny boppers on MTV.(sad to say;MTV used to be a music channel!)A fatal flaw in a well established American society that values honor,God,integrity, education and respect.When these "teeny boppers" become adults,they will be the ones to strip these essential ingredients from the American heart,essentialy,making them more dangerous than the "terrorists" themselves.
by Josh Romero May 28, 2006
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A teenybopper is a girl from the age 11-16 yrs. old. She says something like OMG I hate her she fucking muc stole my my boifriend.. Yeah who cares I means that a sad thing but they act like they are going to die. They only care about Twilight and think that a celebrity will one day marry them(so sad). They also think that they are grown up and only care about makeup and hot boys. If they are watching a sad movie all they care about it their mascara running. What the HELL!!!
Watch out for those evil teenyboppers they might kill your ears with the voice of Justin Bieber!!
by iamkirstenn February 08, 2010
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A tween (10-13 yrs old) or teenager (13-19 yrs old) who is obsessed with being young and vivacious. This classification of the human specie is often synonymous with fangirls as they are most often female. This does not mean that males are left out.

Generally speaking, the male teenybopper can be classified into the "skater" or "punk" group; "goth" is far too hardcore for their prepubescent bodies.

-freakish grinding at school dances
-shaving not because they need to, but so that the hair will appear darker and thicher; therefore more "adultish"
-underdeveloped genetalia
-stuffed pant crotches
-an excess of makeup/glittery substances
-fangirl t-shirts
-extremely tight pants ... on males
-keeping a diary sealed with a chain and padlock which is kept under mattress

`unfortunately there is no remedy, this spell must be waited out until the aflicted pereson discovers that this illness is annoying/obnoxoius.
Any young person bouncing around consuming pixie stix and bragging about being allowed to go to the mall without parental supervision for the first time.

Any young person with a skateboard and a surfer-bowl haircut saying "hella" or "bitchin" and then then glancing around to be certain that no authoritative adult heard them.
by I_LOVE_LOTR May 09, 2005
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