10-15 year old girls who scream whenever they see their talentless "music artists" at live concerts. Completely obsessed with MTV and listen to crappy corporate rock(like Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, 50-Cent, and all sorts of other losers). They butcher English down to the point that it's virtually unreadable.
Normal writing of a teeny bopper: ZOMFG, lyik jusin timablke iz liek so friginz awzomez i wna lik mrry himm andd lkie hav hisis babbysz!!!!!!!111111
by Death Shredder August 14, 2007
A person who enjoys to talk and obsess about bands that they don't listen to. Tend to be Pre-teens, from 10-15. They only like the band for there looks or attitude. These people tend to be "wannabee" emo, punk, goth, etc. They also claim to not like labels yet say things like "I don't like to label people, but punks and goths are the best kind" or "I hate preps". Quite a few obsess over artists such as Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Fallout Boy.
The teeny boppers are taking over the world with their cults worshipping their favorite band.
by Emilia Vonce March 06, 2007
little girls from age 8 to 14 that pretty much walk around goin like o my god u r such a posor only becuase u two both wear the same sized shirt and who mixes up brands with bands and says stuff like "hey i saw that band volcom on mtv last night and o my god they are so punk giggle giggle giggle" and buy everything that is pink and black becuase it is how you say "so the rage" they go to aeropostle and buy little shirts with monkeys that say "rock on" or somethin like that and when u ask them to name a song of a band that they only say they like cuz they are "in" they name the most famous song becuase everybody knows that song like beetles yellow submerine for example...and but pink and black etnies and go around with wal-mart boards with pictures of spiderman on it they go to hot topic and buy hair spray and go hey my hair has spray in it i'm cool! and there im wallpaper is avril lavighn or however you spell it.
(teeny bopper walks in wal-mart) "like o my god look at that pink floyd t shirt they are totally cool, i think, cuz everybody else is wearin one so i better buy it"
by robert the3rd October 14, 2005
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